September 2017 – ECC News

KRECC is excited for a great school year! Prior to the start of school, teachers had an opportunity to participate in professional development. Over the course of four days, teachers took part in courses that focused on child development and student observation, CPR/AED refresher and First Aid certification courses, mandated reporting in cases of child abuse and neglect, and learning about place based learning in the outdoor class room.

Under the leadership of Miss Erin, our art specialist, we are starting to recycle energy bar wrappers through the Terracycle recycling program. If we collect enough, we can even start earning money back for our school! We’ll collect items after lunch; we are also encouraging families and Kol Rinah synagogue members to send in wrappers from items consumed at home! Right now, we are accepting wrappers from the following items:

  • Foil-lined energy bar wrappers
  • Foil-lined granola bar wrappers
  • Foil-lined meal replacement bar wrappers
  • Foil-lined protein bar wrappers
  • Clif bar wrappers, including Clif Bars, Luna Bars, Clif Kid Z=Bar, Clif Kid Z-Fruit

Finally, we are launching a new music program this school year. We are happy to announce Miss Katie (one of our Starfish teachers and a music therapist by training) and Miss Karen (who also does music for Kol Rinah) as our talented music specialists! Over the summer, Katie and Karen have put together a program, called Growing through Music, which will bring more music into all our classes. Their focus will be on age-appropriate music teaching Hebrew, Jewish cultural music and getting children ready for our holiday celebrations. Miss Katie will go into all 7 of our class rooms for a developmentally appropriate music class focused on music education, instrumental education, early exposure to group singing and exposure to musical concepts. Both Katie and Karen will work with class room teachers to tie in weekly themes and developmental goals. All of our other enrichment specialists will be returning for art, science, creative movement, social emotional skills and yoga!